Billie The Pig Productions
series of interactive audio visual stories designed for Foundation to Year 2 children.

Resources for Secondary and Tertiary Students

                   Rome Parts 1 & 2
    Cities of Vesuvius: Pompeii & Herculaneum
Investigating the Past: Pompeii & Herculaneum

Empire of the Incas      Renaissance Italy
The Industrial Revolution

Hatshepsut      Julius Caesar
Leon Trotsky      Albert Speer

Weimar Republic      Conflict In Europe Parts 1 & 2
Cold War Parts 1 & 2      War In Indochina

Designing & Constructing A Kitchen   Renovating A Home
Environmentally Sustainable Construction


During my long career in the film industry, I have worked as a cameraman, editor, director & producer. I have edited and filmed documentaries for the ABC, Film Australia, and many independent producers. I started working at Classroom Video Australia in 1998 and there I edited a wide variety of history, geography, science, english literature and sports programmes.

 Since 2007 I have produced and distributed my own ancient history, modern history and design & technology videos and remain committed to supplying quality educational resources. To buy a VIDEO or a DVD go to 

Phil Sheppard

Rubicon Italy       Where the magic happens           Outback NSW

"Our S & E Dept. are really impressed with your videos on The Cold War and Conflict In Europe.
So thank you." 
Jill Oates - Teacher Librarian - Ursula Frayne Catholic College - WA 

Paul Latham, former Head of NSW History Studies, was consultant for all our history videos and wrote the extensive teachers' notes that accompany each video. 

Our diverse range of History and Design & Technology videos have been distributed throughout Australia, New Zealand, United States, Great Britain, Germany and Sweden.

I continue to produce videos and my website                                     provides a guide with over 70 ideas for walking or cycling around Sydney.

              Each page contains a short video, a map and a description of the route.                           



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